Our Story

Behind every brand, there's a story and here's ours.

We make hearts dance.

We create bespoke designs for your special moments, weddings and events. Trust us to be there to deliver your heartfelt emotions, love & care towards your dearest loved ones in the form of flowers and gifts, as well as make your special occasions even more cherished, joyful & memorable.

We like to keep things classic, simple and meaningful.

All of our bouquets are wrapped in butcher's paper, reducing on plastics usage in our floral production. We believe our flowers are should take centrestage of the bouquet you send, and you should be paying for these gorgeous flowers, not plastics. Our signature, the Gaia Collection is Singapore's first 2-in-1 eco-friendly bouquet that incorporates the floral wrap and your message into one simple solution. The result? Gorgeous blooms with a meaningful cause and a forever keepsake that can be transformed into an art piece of your own.

The floral artist

Behind all the floral magic is Lydia Edith Abigail; the creator of Dancing Petals. Through her journey as a catholic, she hopes to bring joy, love and hope to people through her floral creations. An avid solo traveler, she believes in going out there to make things happen. She's one who doesn't wait for someone to bring her flowers, but she would build her own garden. Her vision for Dancing Petals is that one day, flowers will not be looked upon as just mere gifts for special occasions but a daily reminder of how beautiful the world is and an accessory you would not go without in one's outfit. "I would rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck."